Tenants that just…SUCK!

Yes, I said it…Tenants that SUCK!  How many times have you wanted to scream that very statement.


The real stories of tenants


In the VIDEO BLOG below, I will be sharing with you, as a landlord, REAL stories of tenants that, for one reason or another.. turned out to be tenants that sucked. The main reason for sharing these stories is not to bash tenants. The number of great tenants I have FAR outweighs the number of bad tenants I have had.  I am sharing my experiences with you because I want to help you! Help you not make the same mistakes I did! Help you to learn the lessons I wish I would have known before I learned them the hard way. I feel the best way to do that is through sharing with you what its REALLY like sometimes to be a landlord and own real estate. Its not all butterflies and fairies. And I’m hoping by sharing these stories via video that it help the lessons stick!

With close to 10 years of real estate investing experience under our belts, my husband and I have seen A LOT! And we learn more and more every day! Stick with us on our journey so we can help guide and show you what its really like to be a full time real estate investor!

All the stories are very REAL and at times very entertaining so make sure you look out for all upcoming VIDEO BLOGS.


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What are your experiences as a landlord? Share your funny stories with us! Contact me if you have a great tenant that sucks story that we can learn from! I would love to interview you in a video for our blog!!

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