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We are a local, private investment company in Berks County, PA. For the past 12 years we have been buying properties and holding them as rental units, rehabbing properties to improve communities and re-selling them to retail buyers, and working side by side with other investors to help them get great rates of return while increasing their net worth through real estate.

We pride ourselves on helping sellers in Berks County explore ALL of their options for selling. Putting your home on the market with a realtor is not the best fit for every situation. Getting a cash offer isn’t always the best fit either.  Our goal is to provide sellers with multiple options for selling and let them pick the option that best suits their situation and helps them reach their goals as quickly and as easy as possible.

April loves working with TLC real estate properties, no matter the condition inside the house or outside the house.

April Crossley


Whether you are a home owner in Berks County with a house to sell or an investor looking to grow your net worth through real estate.. come work with Berks County’s best!

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